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G63 Wagon

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G-63 , a robust wagon  sculpture. The sculpture was first sculpted in clay before being cast in a mold. Wax was mixed by hand, heated to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and poured into a mold to form the sculpture.

After that, we put each wax sculpture in its own temperature-controlled room for a whole day.

As soon as a wax sculpture was freed from its mold, it was given a final polish with a sculpting knife. Tiny flaws should be embraced as proof of a labor-intensive handmade process. All of these details add to the product's charm and character, and they also distinguish one item from another.

 Content + Care

- Wax Paraffin

- Slightly fragrant
- Clean and trim the wick for a longer burn
Size and Weight
- Dimensions: 9/5"x4"x5"
- Approximately four pounds